Mark your calendar, the boss has sheduled you for 2-3.7.2022!

Experience the Chemnitz Cup, one of the biggest fun-filled Floorball mixed tournaments in Germany. Since we had to take some losses in our workforce during the multi-year creative and corona-pause, there won´t be an overnight-stay included and the tounament will be smaller than it was. But fear not, the Chemnitz Cup is the place to be this summer. All you need is 2 men, 2 women and your best suit, so come and join the 14th Floorball Chemnitz Cup – Back to the office edition!


Floorball Mixed - a fight for gender justice in Floorball. We play on small fields and small goals. The mixture of ladies and gentlemen guarantees fun on and off the court.


Don´t rush to your next meeting. Our spacious gym offers enough space for 4 playing fields and up to 2000 spectators. No outsourcing needed!


The Richard-Hartmann-Halle in Chemnitz is our chosen ground! Up to 32 teams will decide on the best group of employees among them and escape the 9 to 5 to party all of their stresses away. Every gig is more than 10 minutes long, so make sure your workload is equally divided or you´ll risk burnout! You will be permitted to show your commitment to the job with your colleagues by having a minimum of 2 people per gender. You are allowed to participate with less than 6 workers, however, the overall entry fee is set a a minimum of 120€ per team.

Let´s circle back and take this thing offline!